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Weld County Disaster Recovery

Weld Recovers is the long-term, community recovery committee working to address the ongoing needs of flood victims throughout the county. The mission of Weld Recovers is to foster the long term, unmet, flood recovery needs within the Weld County community by providing the help, healing, and hope necessary to rebuild our community to a new level of safety and stability following the September 2013 floods. Weld Recovers is working collaboratively with volunteers from local businesses, faith-based organization and non-profits to expedite the recovery efforts in Weld County.

Link: www.weldrecovers.org.

Contact Information for Weld County Offices

Weld County Assessor:  (970) 353-3845, ext. 3650

  • damage to your property and adjustments to your property value
  • jurisdiction of property
  • verify ownership of property

Planning/Building Inspection:  (970) 353-6100, ext. 3540

  • disaster assessments/inspections
  • information about flood plains 

Health Department:  (970) 304-6410

  • tetanus vaccinations
  • lost Colorado birth certificates
  • Medicaid/CHP+ applications
  • well water testing
  • information on septic systems

Human Services:  (970) 352-1551, ext. 1551

  • food stamp application
  • application for other financial services
  • reissuance of food assistance
  • rental and utility assistance

Veteran Services:  (970) 304-6595

  • grant information for Veterans
  • housing referrals for Veterans
  • Extension Services:  (970) 304-6535
  • housing and food for pets and livestock
  • flood issues dealing with households and farming

Clerk & Recorder:  (970) 353-3840

  • replacement of marriage licenses
  • replacement of car titles, registrations, and permits
  • removal of destroyed homes from County records


Contact Information

Weld County Office of Emergency Management
(970) 304-6540

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